Deactivate KiK Account on Android & PC (Delete Permanently)

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Kik messenger is a very popular messenger app among teenagers. More than 300 million registered users are using this app worldwide. This messenger uses your phone’s data plan or Wi-Fi to transfer messages, photos, videos, sketches etc., using a registered user name. This is very similar to BBM messenger and send messages to other Kik messenger users without any interruption. There are some common complaints about this messenger that it consumes a lot of phone storage space. Also, there is another controversy that it exploits minor children a lot.

The main problem everyone says about this app is its anonymity. You don’t need to enter phone number while registration. The app uses the IP address to determine device location. This app got banned in lot of countries.

If you don’t want to use the app deactivate it. Before doing it, you need to delete cached data of the app. You can even delete the app permanently. Follow my guide properly and deactivate KiK account whenever you want. You can login to the account whenever you want using the same credential.

How to Deactivate Kik Account Permanently?

Before deactivating Kik account delete the chart history and contacts first. It makes your deactivation easy and can empty your phone space

  • First you need to open Kik account
  • There will be a gear icon you can see on the top right corner
  • Click on it and it will lead to setting menu
  • There you can see ‘Your Account’ option and click on it
  • Click on ‘Reset Kik messenger’ at the bottom. You need to click on it
  • It will ask for your permission to delete all chat history and details. If you allowed it all your Kik messenger history will get deleted permanently.

Now that part is over. Next step is to deactivate your Kik account. If you don’t want to use it anymore you can delete it permanently.

How to Deactivate Kik App on Android?

  • Open the Kik app and go to Settings option
  • Click on your account option
  • There you can see reset Kik messenger option below. Click on it
  • It will ask to enter your mail address. Enter the email address you used to register your Kik account

    Deactivate kiK
    Deactivate kiK
  • Check your mail and see whether you got any message from Kik messenger regarding your account deactivation.
  • Now you need to go to your device settings menu. From it select app and choose Kik from it
  • Tap on it and click on delete option
  • The device asks for your permission to delete the app or you can uninstall the app.

Now, you can deactivate your account easily. This is a temporary deactivation. By doing this you will no longer get messages or email on your Kik account.

The username no longer exists on Kik and your name will no longer available on your friends account. Whenever you want to activate your Kik account use the same username and login to your account. This is not a permanent deletion of your account.

How to deactivate your account permanently

You can use a PC to delete your Kik account permanently.

  • Go to in a web browser.
  • Enter username you used to create Kik messenger account
  • Next it will ask for email address
  • There you need to enter a reason for deleting the account from given option.
  • All these fields are mandatory and you need to check the box. It says that you cannot login to this account if you delete it permanently
  • Then you can click on Go option.
  • You will get an email address from Kik team
  • Check your mail and it will once more ask you to give permission to delete your account permanently. If you click on it the account will be permanently deleted.

Now you permanently deleted from Kik messenger. You can install the app and you are done.

Final words

Kik messenger is an app you can use to message anonymously. But there are many issues related with the app. But the app is very useful to communicate with your friends. You can decide whether you want it or not. If you want to save phone space and want to get rid of those old messages and your account permanently follow above steps.